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Paul Rodriguez

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Lot of people love and a lot of people hate him... But he is following his dream regardless and you gotta respect that!! Download @JeremeRogers new song #100ROUNDS at - bit.ly/100rounds

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Paul Rodriguez
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defraimvision 1371692787
@jeremerogers sucks Dick at rapping. Put down the mic
flyboycake 1373903297
@moakz @defraimvision why hatin? he dont even fuck your moms!
defraimvision 1373904245
@flyboycake I don't know if that was you trying to be funny but I geuss good job. You look like the type to listen to pedophile music
flyboycake 1373904375
@defraimvision nah listen dawg lyrics is what rappers all about, it doesnt he said he fuck those bunch of girls he did it, its all about money makin men Prod said it too.. its all about chasin dream bro no hard feelings!
defraimvision 1373904563
I'm just saying his lyrics are garbage. Listen to j Cole. Mos def. Nas. now those are lyricist and Idc what prod said fuck is he a guru? Lesson to the wise don't talk about someones mother then say no hard feelings @flyboycake
flyboycake 1373905522
@defraimvision bcoz people hatin for nothin' show some love allday and world will be a better place for sure. end of story! peace
defraimvision 1373905586
@flyboycake well said. Peace
tvvinbrother 1378263893
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