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Lizard King

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Lizard King
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jonesgarth 1371325097
@_limpbizkit_ ur an idiot
stonecoldstevecody 1371326491
Haha okay cyber body guards, touchy ass faggots i was joking, and i've been to enough and met enough dj's it goot lame after too much of it, you might like lizard because of who he is not how he skates, cause no offence his latest firing line suck, but me telling him to get off his ass and skate is motivation, so shut up you "raging cunts" bitch please
therealcamclark 1371331431
Yo Lizard what happen to Antwuan I really miss that nigga!
clgilder123 1371346535
Fuckin lizard at alt j and now pretty lights. #livinitup dude. Hell yeah good ass fuckin times.
krendan_bitterman 1371351163
@bigbizliz u wanna drink?
thecolby 1373983795
Pretty lights isn't rave music it's hip hop
nick_skizzlefritz 1386123076
@thecolby you're in charge of all the genres of music in the world. It doesn't need to be shitty house music to rave hard
thecolby 1386166576
@nick_skizzlefritz I wasn't taking to you I was talking to limp bizcut
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