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Thanks @machotaildrop for the reading material.

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arthurkingdesign 1371081062
Who can tell me where I can see "macho tail drop"? I've been searching for that movie for years
chriszack 1371081756
George Lois came and talked at my school one time, he's a real cool guy
lumnoodles 1371081818
@arthurkingdesign Vimeo . In ricks feed somewhere there's a crop with a link I'm pretty sure
andyr0se 1371082333
I'm going to pick this up after I skate my @furrycalamari deck and check out a few more #girlskateboards (minus the kateboards part)
hey_mills 1371083176
Must read Paul Arden's "whatever you think - think the opposite" - its fantastic!
muheeyuh 1371089350
You should read " how to have Winning conversations"
scrappers 1372125942
I love this book.
thompsontran 1376595883
How is this reading?
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