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Rob Meronek

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Just duck walked this yet again broken down heavy pile of doo doo half way across Ybor. Damn, one year in, repairs cost more than the bike did at just 6,000 miles. I've never ridden or owned any other bikes. Amazing first experience, ha shit.

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Rob Meronek
crissspyyy 1371074412
Damn dude! You need a lift home?
scottyb813 1371074810
@meronek what up with it?
meronek 1371075166
Apparently it was a breaker this time, ending my three in a row streak of $700 stops at The Ride Factory haha oh well @satansrune813 all good now @crissspyyy thanks for ordering from us @dime420dunk !
martin_26_m 1371076404
wit_e 1371076425
Damn man.
drewski550 1371076798
nice bike
foyo1 1371079011
Daaaaamn 😕 good luck bro!
scottyb813 1371080076
@meronek dammmmmn 3rd times a charm hopefully
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