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Skatepark of Tampa

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The SPoT staff is at City Hall today to help make sure a new and improved Bro Bowl gets built in our backyard - @meronek

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Skatepark of Tampa
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themadirishman 1370961265
Wish there was an no like button here!!!!
dwatts321 1370961753
Fuck new and improved there ain't shit wrong with the one there
ericmckenney 1370962425
the fuck!? πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†
guelosk8 1370964778
That's wasup!..the original Brobowl should stay as it is !..they should just extend in my opinion !...#
jurassicparkinson 1370966441
what backyard are we talking about? @spottampa the original location is fine. people have been fighting for years to keep it right where it is. downtown's backyard.
whoopins 1370970412
#preserve #tampa #history #savethebowl
boioiob 1370974572
@lukepallone #chillgirlspotting #wheresthebeer #letscruise
psychicbeachbum 1371360281
Fuck that! Don't move the bowl it's not the same and it won't be the same! Don't fucking tear it down! The @spottampa crew of all people should be fighting to save the original!!!!!
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