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Paul Rodriguez

Photo from prod84

Thanks KC, left this behind for whoever can get to it first!

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Paul Rodriguez
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cris_skates805 1378957480
Go to carpinteria plz @prod84
diamondlifer252 1381010567
I want one of your boards so bad
rams_3 1381343853
I have that board!
thebermudatyengle 1382903610
I'm skating that board right now
theimaginaryman 1391911630
Ayy @prod84 next time make it more of a challenge for us like taking a picture of the hiding spot's nearest street defeats the purpose of hiding something
jayytreezy 1399612522
You should come to West Sacramento
jayytreezy 1399612532
isaiah_carranza_ 1420695237
Hey Prod I have that board
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