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Perfect indoor 10 stair. #skatespot

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Johnny Tang
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johnny_tang 1370918111
@shuangfei_zhou yea I been living here 10 yrs. I should know what jiu Guang is. Your English is incredible! @ry_try
shuangfei_zhou 1370920481
Oh 10 years. It is a long time. I only got here 5 years. So if I write Chinese character to you ,not pinyin, you will know what it is? I heard you said Chinese before and I was pretty sure it is not a short time for anyone who can speak Chinese like you did.
shuangfei_zhou 1370920814
@johnny_tang thanks. my oral english is not good. your Chinese leaps and bounds ahead of my english. :)
deathisdead 1372167383
I tried to skate this the night I saw you at the Homie photo show thing. Got 3 tries, no luck.
johnny_tang 1372168926
@deathisdead yea security is pretty bad. I guess I got lucky.
deathisdead 1372168969
Or you just land everything first try...
johnny_tang 1372169031
@deathisdead or its my only trick.
deathisdead 1372169236
I'm not falling for your humble Johnny attitude anymore. After your no warm up switch lazerflip the 8 stair last year at the City Jam you are no longer allowed to say "I suck."
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