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@streetleague is over and it's time to enjoy some dinner! Congrats to all the dudes and a big fuck yeah to @chriscobracole for kicking some ass today and getting 2nd! #streetleague #skateeverydamnday

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Andrew Cannon
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andrewcannon 1370836951
Honestly @bubbybeard, I think it's pretty rad. I just think about being a kid and being able to go see my favorite skater like that, it would fuckin rule. But I can totally see why you'd say it's weak, they are not trying to market to bearded men like us haha.
stanley_shetron 1370837036
My wiener is weak @andrewcannon666, not even close to the 9 club
bubbymane 1370837062
@andrewcannon666 i hear ya.
waxtron 1370837070
I went the first two years but I'm over it now. I hope you enjoyed your time in KC.
waxtron 1370837178
@zac_farrell I'm with you on the wonky scoring. Someone should investigate.
andrewcannon 1370838894
@stanley_shetron no way, you've got a perfect 10
adam1padawan 1370853002
@andrewcannon666 I agree Andrew. I drove 9 hours from Denver just to see all my favorite skaters and I'm still on cloud 9 haha. I didn't even really care who placed (except for Dylan haha) I just wanted to see some mind blowing skating and I did!!
icejjneumann 1370853316
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