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l_ssj 1370716000
@chrissarte who the fuck cares
chrissarte 1370718646
Me asshole @doobie_brown
chrissarte 1370718735
Good @skatevr6
l_ssj 1371322593
@chrissarte hate kids like you, skating has never been about preserving a spot..share the fuckin wealth
chrissarte 1371328388
Sorry if I think that it isn't right for a bunch of fuck boys like you to blow up a spot that isn't even done being built. @doobie_brown
skatevr6 1371620313
@chrissarte i agree. Sharing the wealth is donating money or time to these spots. Dnt want to sound like an ass but.. @doobie_brown
l_ssj 1371967062
@chrissarte oh you know me now? It's eventually going to be " built ". How would anyone skate it, if it wasn't? Truth is You wouldn't want to tell anyone either way.
chrissarte 1371967324
Just give up fool @doobie_brown save your breathe.
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