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Ryan Clements

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Made it to Shanghai on Friday evening and we were right out skating Saturday morning. Pulling double duty to capture @decenzzzz doing this kickflip while @mannyslaysall observes and @boneswheels hides in the bushes.

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Ryan Clements
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fezsfilms 1370696411
@rtclem cool shot!! Can I ask u wich Cam did u use for film?
milliganfm 1370705297
From the Crown Plaza to the venue via Fudan University. That's a fun route.
johnny_tang 1370720021
@rtclem hit me up! If its not raining in the morning lets get some skating in.
rtclem 1370724760
Hey @fezsfilms. @boneswheels wheels will have to tell you the camera because all I did was push the red butto!
rtclem 1370724786
Damn @milliganfm! You know that route well. So damn fun.
rtclem 1370724801
Emailing you right now @johnny_tang.
milliganfm 1370739155
Did the same route the last 7 years.
fezsfilms 1370800018
@rtclem ahah oh now I know good for u!!! so @boneswheels what's the name of the cam? Panasonic P2??
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