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Zered Bassett
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boywthnoarms 1370573845
good ol home town
cattmarroll 1370573906
boywthnoarms 1370577083
@cattmarroll yup :)
friki.martin 1370577083
Cod town?
pirate_life4me 1377105815
Cape cod livin
bragajones 1393096635
Hey I heard you're from Chatham and I wanted to tell you that the skate park by cqx was torn down :( I don't know if they are going to rebuild it but I thought maybe you would know or could help out because I know a lot of kids love to skate there and there really isn't anywhere else to go
zeredbassett 1393096995
@bragajones what's up. Ya it's a shame. I've reached out to the town and offered to help and to have my sponsors help to build something great. But I have not herd back from them. It sucks. I really want to help out and create a great space for the kids and skate community
bragajones 1393108227
Wow thank you so much! And thanks for trying to help out. It means a lot to me and to a lot of other kids. I'm sure you're insanely busy but keep trying! It would be amazing to have something there. Thanks so much for trying to help and thanks for talking to me!
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