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Paul Rodriguez

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So excited for the 7's thanks @nikesb for the blessings over the past 10 yrs!!!! #prod7 #nike #blessed

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Paul Rodriguez
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nickruthless 1374337869
Only for footwear though, and SB's are the best! But if Nike starts making boards we will have to cry. @nolan_powers
fundm3 1378049455
cam_827 1378862243
Hey Paul if I may call you that I a d like a huge fan and I have been skating for a while and you may not ever read this but its worth a shot one day I want to be able to be in ykur
cam_827 1378862348
Your presents and skate with you and could you help me out with some skate supply
yesica__jaimes 1382156472
Lad quiero
oldmaddenacct 1382638003
Have em they are the best skate shoes I have ever rode! I am gonna stay with nike shoes for skating. I wanna try out the janoski's or the koston 1's next
_branden_321 1384406088
Do they last long somone plz respond
ohandy97 1395863252
Hey prod im a skater fron west virginia and I really want a pair of these so bad and a new board if there's anyway you can help me I would greatly appreciate it
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