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Ryan Clements

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I don't have to Google this spider to find out what type it is. I can just post on Insta and @rothdigga will tell me. Beware River House guests. We have critters.

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Ryan Clements
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ydocsacul 1370401470
Fuck that shit
kharp2376 1370402342
Um...yea...ah...no thanks!! Where's Sloane?? I'm coming to get her...lol!!
nottheally 1370402976
Those suckers fight back beware!!!!
edselego 1370403248
#Wolfspiders always scare the shit out of me! @rtclem
mystaticlife 1370403317
Wolf spider for sure. One used to live behind my towel in the shower when I was a kid. Scariest drying-off experience ever
masterandmargarita 1370410574
matt_coplon 1370427085
These guys are good to have around.
rawgeezer 1374248493
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