Photo from anthony_schultz

Quick sesh before we hop on this ✈ to denver

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shurikensjoint 1370365334
Ill be in fever Friday g holla
wildjita 1370365434
Yes!!!!!!! Let's fuckin rage!!!! Get my number from that foolio and hit me up when your here
dyet_one 1370365505
moufadasouf 1370367407
Oh yeah?!
jmaine1_yall 1370368833
Lucky have fun G!!
bgar 1370370942
Yeah buddy see you guys soon
tweestopher 1370374096
Me and Dezort are goin to the bridge you should cruise! @anthony_schultz
anthony_schultz 1370374187
Shit I just hopped on this airplane. @tweestopher when I get back fosho
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