Photo from jamie_foy

Cali is the best!! This is just some cool things that stood out at venice beach, definitely a great place to be at. Always something funny af like #justinbiebersighting #crazysandsculptures the venice skate park is soo dope! #snapchatcrib

jamie_foy 1370305597
Great weekdnd with the homies @marcoslive125 @zionwright_
bryce.r 1370305769
Hows the park??
yourboiloui 1370306463
Fucking love that park
jamie_foy 1370306506
Dope af @bryceee_r nd iknooooo!! @yourboiloui
jshaw.shoots 1370308509
Keep on stuntin homie! @jamie_foy
bryce.r 1370313132
Im goin to venice in mid june. You still gunna be theree??
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