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Psyched to have won BATB thanks everybody for the shout outs! @planbofficial @newbalancenumeric @venturetrucks @brickharbor

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talkshlt 1370459793
ur a fag who takes pics of their fagy pants @saul_thrasher
tanner_the_creator 1370478792
You spelled through wrong @saul_thrasher you mother fucking peace of shit. Go kill your self! And @gold_eric you can fuck your self to.
nephdezell 1370921579
benny__velvet 1372466864
Nice job was second year in a row winning BATB 6 I hope it was worth the trouble of the all the other battles and shit and btw, congrats
nmedall 1388867116
@pjladd you r such an Insperation!
hilblaynner 1392956149
This year again, fuck joes
veggie661 1399181153
Still got that beard @pjladd ?
sportsmassagex 1406489700
I work with many cool celebs, and one thing they all have in common, is that they are humble, and Cool! Congrats PJ Ladd
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