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Rob Meronek

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Catch a new episode of #SPoTLife on skateparkoftampa.com right now with this #skateboardinggirl making a kickflip first try at #DamnAm Los Angeles. If you watched it online, thanks for tuning in. I want to take a fire extinguisher to this girl's head.

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Rob Meronek
martin_26_m 1370282258
@nyjah_huston would disagree, because he says girls shouldn't skate.
skateboomb 1370283065
nice pic
chromegnats 1370285174
What a stone cold fox
leptha 1370288764
Clip was good.
betsysk8 1370297364
Please show this to Nyjah who just declared that girls shouldn't skate.
meronek 1370300024
@betsysk8 and @martinsthoughts I think Nyjah may have been around too many of those butch drunken crusty lesbians in the XGames over the years and had the attractiveness factor in mind when he spoke in that Thrasher interview haha.
betsysk8 1370300422
Not feeling the ha ha of his ignorance.
martin_26_m 1370305638
@steveberra has been defending @nyjah_huston to the hilt on one of my posts.. So sad, no values
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