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Ryan Clements

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Tried to skate Lakeland today, but @satansrune813 was convinced it would rain, so we ended up at damn DeSoto again. Thanks for the photo @porpe.

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Ryan Clements
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rtclem 1370269511
Today at 6:45pm @built2kill?
rtclem 1370269530
It's starting to win me over @yacob316.
rtclem 1370269565
Hey @mfduffield. Great to hear from you. Things are well. Hope to see you soon.
rtclem 1370269590
Damn...might head out there on Tuesday @alexclaypeavey.
rtclem 1370275117
I'm gone on Thursday for a week @built2kill.
alexclaypeavey 1370280535
Definitely! Lets get some skating in before you head out @rtclem
lostfloridian 1370430392
Covers, baby!!!
savaris_greene35 1371743839
I used to go to that park wen I lived there
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