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Ryan Clements

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Woke up to an empty bed, but only for the best of reasons. Supermom was handling business. Happy Anniversary @jennaclements. Look at what you got yourself into.

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Ryan Clements
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rtclem 1370189472
We are equally lucky @annamaebafia. Thank you!
jessikajif 1370194975
Congrats @rtclem @jennaclements ! That swing is magical.
isaiahsaunders 1370195151
@rtclem ok
rtclem 1370195333
Thanks @jessikajif! And you are very familiar with the swing now, too, I'm sure.
jessikajif 1370196503
@rtclem we are for sure. She is sitting in the exact same one listening to fake birds chirp as I type.
rtclem 1370196523
Haha @jessikajif!
dottymarie 1370214417
Jenna looks as peaceful as Sloane. I agree that swing is great.
jenifermae 1370217527
@jennaclements I told you it had magical powers!!!
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