Photo from anthony_schultz

#tbt @shitscraper2010 always searching for animal chin #theyknobbedthepool

austin_ayub 1369953896
Watch out for the dogs! @shitscraper2010 @anthony_schultz
blue_scum4l 1369953943
Son get down from there!
daveswift01 1369961922
How's that one gonna work out? @shitscraper2010 @anthony_schultz
anthony_schultz 1369973014
Are u talking about Dicola the trapeze artist or how would we make the pool skateable? @daveswift01
steveperry 1369979112
Both ahah
daveswift01 1370041776
Both! @anthony_schultz
anthony_schultz 1370041848
Haha dicola balanced his way all the way to the end and the wood broke. But he luckily hopped to the deck @daveswift01 and I know @shitscraper2010 got ideas for this thing
dirtyscarynsk 1372032340
Where the fuck @anthony_schultz
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