Photo from mccranker

#bbiebel I think once skated in Ventura with these youngsters. @_scuba_steve @ty__evans @slj1000 @bbiebel @prod84 @jefflandi @mikeytaylor1

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therealvirgil 1369944429
Bring back Seek!!
p.paperbagprince 1369945353
@mikeytaylor1 your skating is timeless, however that hat... is not
muheeyuh 1369945430
Janoski looks like @daveyspacey
achey_bones 1369951709
Oh god ahaha @muheeyuh
taintedmemory 1369964197
When @prod84 was still on girl?
ooodoyle_rules 1369974119
This was when skateboarding was real, not this bullshit it is today
zachariaknight 1371064496
Dude you look soooooo young here!!! @mikeytaylor1
michaeljforeman 1383767062
haha it is @marcbanks
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