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Another travel day with the essentials: Nikon D3S with one lonely lens, the nifty 50. Beats Wireless. Verizon Jetpack. Stacked phone juice from Mophie. Google Nexus 7 because I have to learn this Android bullshit. Beats Pretty Sweet Pill. Nikon flash. PC because that's how boring software should be written. Caveman notebook. GoPro just in case. External mouse because PC's suck like that. Allergy medicine. Snack. It's time for #DamnAm Los Angeles!

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Rob Meronek
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meronek 1369865570
@yogiberes best graphic ever
meronek 1369865584
@jamiehustle do it from the sidelines with a bullhorn!
meronek 1369865599
See you there @lanahuckster !
jaimeowens 1369865989
Ha ha! Have a good trip brotha!
yeajonmann 1369866314
No olo clips @meronek?
meronek 1369866928
@yeajonmann ah shit I knew I forgot something!
marksweetser 1369881893
Do I need to hook you up another olloclip? @meronek
meronek 1369892708
Thanks @mark_sweetser I got one, but if you want to send one for a Digital Product Toss on our website I can hook that up. Send to ATTN: Rob, Skatepark of Tampa, 4215 East Columbus Drive, Tampa, FL 33605
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