Photo from ronniecreager

Daniel Espinoza riding his Cliche 7.625" Pro model skateboard, Royal Evo 4 Lo Trucks with Royal bushings, Autobahn nexus series 51mm wheels, Diamond 7/8 Allen hardware, Grizzly Grip and Andale Swiss bearings. @danielespinozuh

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akeaner22 1369827719
@4_down truth!
efematt 1369840604
Whatevs just skate an have fun.
dhw86 1369852927
yeah danielson
richi_gunnasmash 1371586120
Didnt even know they made those 😭😂 haha .
richi_gunnasmash 1371586152
@ronniecreager , do Lucas setup! I wana know exactly what he rides @lucaspuig
lucaspuig 1371588870
@ronniecreager i send you a pic off my setup when im back on board
ronniecreager 1371592662
@lucaspuig sounds good, heal up and take Care. Thank you
hoshjuntsman 1380572005
Why do you take pictures of everyone else's board? @ronniecreager
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