Photo from ethanloy

#SUPERSECURITY loves to push minors. #TAKESHISJOBWAYTOOSERIOUS right @davehoang @7im7im @davidloy @bandana_b?

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nickxmartinez 1369800635
he probably pushes mongo
lakejeger 1369802180
johndemar_ 1369803065
Pushed three into two @7im7im @davehoang
davehoang 1369803252
He timed it so goods... @7im7im @_dumbar #1stFrame #WaitForIt... #Now!!
7im7im 1369806474
I'm still laughing! @ethanloy @_dumbar @davehoang
bandana_b 1369806700
Soooo #HECTIC, B!!!
bandana_b 1369806776
#DEFINITELYDIDNTPULLIT @richievaldez, @davehoang, @davidloy!!
richievaldez 1369806835
Those Loy broz know how to get cops and security going 😁 @bandana_b
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