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Ryan Clements

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"I'll just send you a variety," claimed Jordan from Monster. I expected Energy Drink, but coconut and sparkling water?! What a great surprise! #jakedog guarding.

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Ryan Clements
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rtclem 1369823861
They must have forgotten the Monster Tour Water @justinsworld.
rtclem 1369823875
Thanks @jakap87!
rtclem 1369823934
#jakedog belongs to @porpe @jpgarciask8er. He's really friendly...just looks mean.
jpgarciask8er 1369831018
Cool jakedog yea my bulldog looks mean too but is just chill & kinda lazy 😲
trevior_a89 1369875063
Hey when r u free to skate @rtclem text me
rtclem 1369968863
Yo @banx89, who are you?!
rtclem 1378863633
Check out the bottom row @theoriesofatlantis.
theoriesofatlantis 1378874517
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