Photo from jamie_foy

Ahahaha first one of these #transformationtuesday still a shreedder #15yearsandstillatit #nevergonnaquit

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nikolaipiombo 1369789833
Yo ugly ahh
blake_the_snake_ 1369790966
Better never quit
gabriel_betancour 1369795193
#skatelifeorhatelife #thatboyfoy #skatininthewomb
jpgarciask8er 1369800743
lakaisutton 1369825507
I wish I found a skateboard when I was that young 😡
coolkidsk8er 1369826426
15 years! God damn i got a long way to go. Im just getting into my 5th year
jpgarciask8er 1369947448
jpgarciask8er 1371229399
Happy birthday bro, many more! Blessings homie!
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