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Tim Gavin

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Home #product report! If you run a tight ship in your house, pick up these magical easy erasers. Walls, baseboards, furniture just went thru a box!!!!

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Tim Gavin
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therealgav 1369712630
@birdsighview @scochyj
therealgav 1369712683
@austinsmellslikebutt send me a box, also #oldenglish wood cleaner
jeronwilson 1369712747
#latetrain Gavy been using those for years. I'm backing'em! 👍
@therealgav I'll do it. #noshit
greg_s_carroll 1369715046
Just cleaned crayon art off our living room walls with those things!
@homedepot the skateboard community agrees these things are awesome
rhythm43 1369717972
Vulc sole cleaners!
its_soyoung_yo 1369721880
Lol!!! We have the mr clean ones. Once you start you can't stop! Everything is getting erased.
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