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Ryan Clements

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Baby Sloane's first trip to the beach!

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Ryan Clements
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martin_26_m 1369692828
We avoided the beaches all together and the traffic nearby.
theschwom 1369699498
Papa's ink rocks. Much effort for first beach pics - duly noted. Amen
spinstagramog 1369701113
Holy inkville!! Cheers bud!!
rtclem 1369702083
I generally keep it covered up @spinstagramog, but not at the beach!
kharp2376 1369709973
Oh gosh she is so precious! So alert and I can feel her old soul thru this pic! Xoxo to you guys.
rtclem 1369742265
Hey @kharp2376. Much love back to you.
8rand_n 1369755426
@rtclem took me a second to realize you weren't wearing a shirt. Haha
mikewolf333 1370136989
Chip of the ol'block👍
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