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Spent the last few days blasting around Yosemite with my Dad. Place is too rad. Hadn't takes a trip like that with my dad since I was little kid. #fathersonJBwelding Yosemite #4q #goodtimes

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Max Schaaf
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themachinefiles 1379838874
I saw this photo quite a while ago max. I looked at it a few times cause it reminded me of when my dad was alive and we used to be doing stuff just him and I. It's more than half my life ago now. I miss the details in my memory for some reason as I get older. Anyway, took me a while to put a comment but I liked that photo a lot.
two_pan_dan 1386900059
Great stuff friend. I wish I had made more time for this stuff while my pops was still alive. Gone at 49. NFG
Thanks for sharing. Awesome to see. Some of my best times are riding with my dad as well.
4q69 1386908951
@two_pan_dan @jasonknezo damn. Yep thanks for the reminders... Love when you can
themachinefiles 1387178084
@two_pan_dan my dad was gone at 49 too. NFG.
two_pan_dan 1387209260
Sorry to hear it Matt. I don't know how old you were at the time, but I guess it doesn't matter. It changes everything no matter your age. I was 26, freshly married and 2 weeks before my first was born. It's been 11 years now and it's still altering the course of events for my family. I'm thankful I had all that new responsibility to keep me rational at the time. I never realized how much influence the simple consequence of having your fathers opinion makes on the choices you make day to day until he was gone. It hit my brother that way the hardest. He was about 14 at the time, and they were best buds. @mattmachineshed
themachinefiles 1387222538
@two_pan_dan I was 24. Funny you mention the responsibilities you had at the time and how they kept you rational. I didn't have those and I pretty well went on a bender for six years. He's been dead 19 years last week.
kittenn._.mittenz 1411354445
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