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Ryan Clements

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My next door neighbor Bobby always told me porpoises come all the way up the River to our homes. Today was the first time I witnessed. So amazing.

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Ryan Clements
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anjinatman 1369536305
along with brackish gators?! Amazing
anthonyfurlong 1369537097
Fuckkkkkkkk. Rad.
wit_e 1369538187
Domesticate it!
So let's put 2 and 2 together gator + flipper=big fish, I'd wet a line player
mimiknoop 1369557653
@rtclem so amazing!!
rtclem 1369580404
You know @rothdigga, I thought the same thing, but Bobby kept saying porpoise, so I figured I was incorrect. Thanks Nerd.
rtclem 1369580673
I always fail with the rod and reel @hazardcountyskatepark.
rtclem 1373469877
@salman_agah this is my backyard in Tampa. Come say hello to the FL dolphins any time.
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