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John Cardiel

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Hit me up if you need whip!!

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John Cardiel
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dplineart 1391626661
@_breakfree_ Hey John my names Dillon we met at one of Jeff sevits bbqs a few months back, I'm a pinstriper and we were talking about some paint schemes for bikes. Love your work man and would love to do some artwork for you.
rust.oh 1404972104
You gotta get this @boof_sabbath
ramonassoundsystem 1413857330
Those Korova thangs are the one! Cloud 90. Keep going, Cards. You mean so much to a lot of peeps. Love u big bruh.
dblock310 1418717409
Are u sponsored by Korova. U must be getting fucked up all the time. Those things are harsh
_breakfree_ 1418718689
Ha ha ha nah @dblock310 i just built that bike for them
dblock310 1418718776
Fuck it. Eat a 1000 mg for me. Haha
booradical 1422842443
@_breakfree_ much Love Cardiel. Hope to meet you in person one day just to shake your hand and thank you for all the inspiration!!πŸ”₯❀️πŸ”₯πŸ’›πŸ”₯πŸ’š
khalil_710 1427850724
That's a badass bike
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