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Chuck Bonfig

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The city is your playground

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Chuck Bonfig
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mark.hylton 1369566539
Aha! I was around there last night but didn't know where to find an entrance to the magic. Thanks!
@chuckseye is that the gate that you can squeeze through? I think I saw that. So you went in that way and exited thatv way? Anyway thank you for the info!
chuckseye 1369570087
@seasaleo_21 No it's a big wide gate
@chuckseye idk how I missed that but I will go back thanks again Chuck cool pic!
chuckseye 1369570851
@seasaleo_21 There is a gate there with a lock at the top that looks like you might be able to squeeze through (you can't 😝). Just move about 5 feet to your left. There is a wide section of fence with a simple clasp that swings open. @randomart
@chuckseye Thanks again Chuck can't wait!
sitte 1369625935
kehlertaylor 1369677755
Thanks for the tip 👆 I'm here w @cbeatz852 now!
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