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Ryan Clements

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Friends often ask, "Are there ever gators in the water out back at your house?" I'm like, "Naw, no way. It's too brackish." We'll, maybe not in the water, but this dude was on the lawn the other day!

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Ryan Clements
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batesdynasty 1369454018
They sun in my grandma's backyard on Lake Tarpon too. (and ate all her neighbor's cats) #hideyokidsandanimals!
rtclem 1369481820
Could be @kyleberard. He was making up words.
rtclem 1369481898
Hey @anthonyfurlong, there were dolphins up here yesterday. I've got video. It's got to be brackish. And I've seen a stingray before, too.
rtclem 1369481933
I think he got washed down the River with heavy rains a few days prior @professorschmitt.
rtclem 1369481949
Good call @paulflores86.
anthonyfurlong 1369488926
That's crazy
boneswheels 1369674975
I want his skull!
rtclem 1369675296
He jumped back into the water as soon as I got close @boneswheels.
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