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Cable guy will be here between 9 and 1. It's time for a new stencil anyway right @mathblaster610?

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Andrew Cannon
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andrewcannon 1369413752
Hell yeah @wildman_danger I really appreciate that. @philjacksonphoto no it's a cardigan, but thanks for noticing!
wildmanxdanger 1369413981
Woah!!! You replied! Haha so stoked to have an inspirational skateboarder reply. Thanks for putting footy out there that made me get back into skateboarding when I doubted my self. I hope your leg gets better and better man.
xthrasher77x 1369416788
We are 138. @andrewcannon666
mathblaster610 1369416790
Sicck stencil! I need to have some more fun stuff on my grip that maiden one took me like 4 hours hah
andrewcannon 1369421724
@xthrasher77x bloodfeast
joey_lombardo 1369790598
Stencils are definitely the way to go!
andrewcannon 1369790775
@joey_lombardo agreed. It turned out well, I usually suck at these things but I'm stoked!
joey_lombardo 1369790797
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