Photo from anthony_schultz

Here I go again on my oooown...

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anthony_schultz 1369346104
Yeaiiiyeaaaaa @austin_ayub drift down here. Lets skate!?
justsomedude 1369346345
Going down the only road you've ever known
effneffss 1369346600
Is that in diego?
pat_burke_ 1369346613
And I've made up my mind
pat_burke_ 1369346685
I ain't wastin no more time
anthony_schultz 1369346994
Yea @effneffnigguh
effneffss 1369347577
@anthony_schultz okay i gotta check that out
anthony_schultz 1369351127
Hard! U live down here? @_n1ck_adams_ my chick lives down the street so I'm gonna being lurking around alot more. We should def link up
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