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Gabe Clement

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Raw undrilled stage IV base plate given to me years ago from my good friend Kristian Bomholt. @independenttrucks #timetogrind #independenttrucks

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Gabe Clement
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docs_43 1370715847
Holy shit, and I was just going to post mine too! Straight out of #Ermico in '94, so what a Stage III maybe...and yeah that's much older Gabe, because of the hollow
beergut74 1370721075
This one is def later than '94 more like '06 or so, stage IV base plate @docs_43
docs_43 1370722927
Oh yeah I know my man, I worked there remember #repsthatskate ! But yeah I hit up @keith3po for some Stage XI's, because what's the saying, #idratherswitchthanfight ?!
keith3po 1370731487
#stage9 2nd gen don't sneeze on it.
beergut74 1370739425
#idratherfightthanswitch @docs_43 @keith3po 🍻🙌
docs_43 1370804476
Was being sarcastic...like HMC, I can't get a set of new Ace's and am tired of the bent axle. 5 yrs. on them and can't get any love! That's why instead of fighting to get a pair, I'd rather ↑↓
beergut74 1370805614
Ha ha yes you and HMC share a similar story for sure. Welcome back @docs_43
13clicks 1375659857
that would make a mean beltbuckle.
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