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@a_grade_ we better start saving #xbox1 #nexgen #nerdlife #nolife #imgoingtoforgetwhathesunlookslike

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jonathonreese_ 1369188650
The reason they don't have the design yet is because they put time into there consoles and don't make them look like fat ass old DVD players @tyler_hunger
n1ck.latsk0 1369191753
Xbox be doin circles on playstation @jonathonreese_
travyrushing 1369191841
Yea they are @nnnniiiicccckkk_latsko
ak.rtc 1369193174
But all the playstations look like dvd players..... @jonathonreese_
jonathonreese_ 1369193228
They make them look sleek not just a literal square box
ak.rtc 1369193686
And your statement about them not taking there time is invalid the ps3 was released 6 years after the ps 2 was and the xbox one is being released 8 years after the xbox 360 so there for they have spent more time on it then sony did on the ps3 @jonathonreese
ak.rtc 1369193714
jonathonreese_ 1369205591
You can clearly see how much time they spent on it by the way it looks and it's not good... @a_grade_
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