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.....You'd wait 10 years to change it. New Crailtap.com & Crailstore.com live tomorrow. #CUTTINGEDGESHIT #πŸβœ”

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datkoops 1369143099
Aww man, I'll miss the old layout.
box_royal 1369144022
WOW. Bout time. I 'member the first time I went on there somewhere around when THPS3 came out and was like "the fuck is this shit??" Lol
lawlessminded 1369146004
Kill a koston
jhood93 1369146208
If it ain't broke don't fix it
drewsdays 1369146739
Looks good !
thisisnoyo 1369147828
Then u call it RETRO!
curvethatcapboy 1369158972
Then its probably better than the shit thats fed today!
wzihe 1369171618
Call 911 cuz someone hacked the site 😀
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