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Currently chilling on the beach letting all this #SufferingFromSkatecess settle in while I listen to my Sunday messages. I see we have #AlotOfNewFriends all @AMMOUSA boards are sold out. I am in the process of buying a portion of the Canadian forrest from the Prime Minister Stephen Harper our boards are made in America so they are THE BEST! Zein Abdalla from Pepsi Co. and the owners of every major bottling/drink manufacturer has left a message for @Mannyslaysall trying to get him to sign a drink deal. Walt Disney has sent a message from Heaven to George Bodenheimer the President of ESPN demanding I get my mic back from @Streetleague for KC next month and once again making me the globally televised voice of street skateboarding. WHAT WAIT THIS JUST IN! #WETHEBESTMUSIC wants to score the *AMMO* Industry section on @BERRICS , GREAT LOOKING OUT @TheRealDJKhaled ! #WeTheBestToo #SkatedFromTheBottom #YouWereNotDownWhenWeWasSplashingInTheStreetUnderTheHydrantSprinkler

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mannyslaysall 1369078285
Yo!!! Haha
yarielmelendez 1369078350
Paradise jaja
ficorodz 1369078426
Hahaha #wewantLixbackonthemic
breakbreadintl 1369078446
@mannyslaysall is putting AMMO on his back.
brian_atlas 1369078599
George just called me...your back on the mic
toy_toy1 1369079172
oscarmeza 1369081308
#showtheseniggaswhattimeitis 😎
conn__air 1369086437
#bringfelixback I can't hate on @tonyhawk at all but that other guy is so terrible. He says the same things over and over. The one time I've heard him call out a trick it was wrong, and the camera men are even worse they get in everyones way on every run! I guess that's what they get when they combined it with xgames
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