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#THANKS @nikefootball @nikesb #FCB #BARCELONALIFE #⚽✔

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trappinky 1369882288
Yo who's playing
olbc23 1370109314
_taydoe___ 1371032400
Heyy Eric you are my straight up favorite skater and you inspired me to become a professional black girl skateboarder XD. I Know you have a lot of comments but it would mean the world to me if you wrote back.
_taydoe___ 1371032410
stevellama 1371121839
@erickoston hala madrid
ashleyonix 1371923858
My favorite team and my favorite skater! 😊
ethanxberry 1372716775
I'm sorry , but who are you, saying somethin about probably the best skateboarders out there? Hmmmmm????
andysk82 1373748838
Shut up
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