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Kevin Phelps

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You know, just keeping the energy alive or the trip with a 4 hour porn session for the crew hahahaha. #roadfapping #whospumpingthegas #skatelife #skateboarding #instaporn #michigan #roadtrip

deerpuncher666 Instagram profile picture
Kevin Phelps
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justinrsantiago 1368998993
πŸ˜‚ This made me laugh uncontrollably hard.
deerpuncher666 1369002424
@spacegoth 😘😘❀❀😈😈
spacegoth 1369002535
@kevinphelps oh I know, you're done for
spacegoth 1369030561
@shewolfkelly ooooh girl I ain't trippin I know he's a babe...hard to resist
deerpuncher666 1369031302
@spacegoth your amazing ❀😈
spacegoth 1369031412
@shewolfkelly the pink and blue set she's wearing is from my store. Bam. @kevinphelps luh u bb
spacegoth 1369031724
Ps the chick in this porn has a nasty neck... What is that even πŸ“
spacegoth 1369075240
@shewolfkelly in Farrah's "accidental" sex tape she's wearing a set from my store, like from the store I work in. The video of her says "library?" When the guy asks her to elaborate is in front of my store. The girl in the porn on the screen in this pic has a nasty gobble doe WUSSUP with that neck
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