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PJ Ladd riding his 7.875 Plan B sample deck from the legendary board maker Paul Schmitt. Crest series graphic. 14" wheel base. 6 7/8 nose. 6 1/2 tail. 31" Length Cold pressed. ProSpec board construction which takes the cross ply's closer to top of board to be more effective for strength and lightness, Venture low 5.2 "V-light" hollow kingpin and axle. Swiss Bearings, PlanB 50mm wheels "always white, Jessup grip, Diamond 7/8 allen hardware. @pjladd

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Ronnie Creager
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mark_appleyard 1368857826
How's dad life? @ronniecreager
trillinlaughlin 1368869290
Love these board breakdowns
ronniecreager 1368898991
@mark_appleyard Woah!
friedchickenfarts 1369536484
My size board :D
chris_dfw 1372824595
@ronniecreager, dad life is woah?
ronniecreager 1372826826
@chris_dfw woah like, Wowzers. :)
_minhpham 1377204515
Amazing descriptions. So detailed. Dig it.
bobbyskate95 1383578324
@professorschmitt damn you've helped so many pros
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