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Max Schaaf

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Bornfree bike retrospective. Here's is from bf 1&2 #bf5

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Max Schaaf


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doddsy888 1369645792
Love that pan @4q69
_msandoval_ 1373347705
@eddiesalazar_ top one
netito73 1393305083
curtismaggardbrent 1393306248
@egbenz73 yep... This dude builds sweet scoots... And can push a skate pretty damn good too!
alberto_8889 1404192209
pineboxrecording 1409603221
Is that springer an XA or has it been extended at all?
kalaka_ 1427933264
😍 @pw33 !
pineboxrecording 1454480630
Hey Max im looking to mount a tank like the top one, is that just a regular sporty tank mount on the front or did you have to modify the ears or the tunnel to make it work with the dash mounts? Thats my favorite bike man, great work.
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