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Paul Rodriguez

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ss bs lip @streetlegue at @xgames #streetleague #xgames #prod84

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Paul Rodriguez
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max_jwalker 1370094009
i watched the street legue compitition you did good but Mikey Talor came in sixth :(
mr_bob_gnarly 1370272719
for the ones saying they hope to be like him, get off homie's dick and be yourself as a skater. #thatisall
tyronefinnegan_ 1371115514
To good @prod84
jake_dc5 1373826692
@saint_michael_13 shut the fuck up lil wayne
mr_bob_gnarly 1373830688
I was being honest sorry if I left you butt-hurt take your tired ass joke else where to someone who gives a fuck @jakedre
jake_dc5 1373837064
Hahahaha you sound like little wayne with his gay ass do you quotes. You probly cant skate for shit. I aint butthurt at all sorry people have roke models nig @saint_michael_13
drewwstagram 1373977087
He's right dick head. @jakedre leave his ass alone
kakeartist 1375815097
Watching the documentary youre in right now. 😍
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