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Tony Hawk

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Best church ever. #kitschworship

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Tony Hawk
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charterbuss 1368726128
@sl550 well your dumb this is the most famous thing in the city, this is what all the famous things in the city look like, because they were all designed by the same person....imagine that.
canitkeddy 1368728837
I can't remember there ever being an umbrella in the bible
mareksokal 1368730524
Clearly you haven't seen the churches in Poland. Just saying... They have some dope skate spots too!
j.adxtss 1368739548
durvalsimardi 1368750329
charterbuss 1368769926
@sl550 sick!! your opinions matter!!!s.. Donostia is a place nobody has ever heard of...keep dreamin 😂😂
hi_im_danny9 1368894585
Nice place
nico_rico 1370032874
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