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Nyjah Huston

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The time change over here in Europe sucksss!! Its 3:00am and im wide awake haha

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Nyjah Huston
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haydenmuirbrook 1369590973
You are my favorite skater
_itskayleet 1369623104
Omg ur soo cute
chrissycats321 1369879530
I know right
collin_frnkln 1370490435
People need to stop fuckin hatin...its ridiculous...if you wanna make high tops you should be able to do it with uot people having to share what they think......I know what you feel like...I wore cut offs to school and everyone was like what the hell you weraing...pisses me of so much @nyjah_huston. @nyjah_huston
jayduuh_ 1371583674
@baggiorod10 you look like him In this picture!!!
baggiorod10 1371583869
@jayduuh_ lol -_- no even!
miss_browneyes_xo 1372364928
anthony_bamf 1390684403
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