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Chaz Ortiz

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Notice anything different? Stay tuned! #BronxZoo

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Chaz Ortiz
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felipeyepes 1368594209
@nicomb10 todos llegaron despues de nosotros...
nicomb10 1368594347
@felipeyepes de echo jajajaja πŸ˜•
gold.brain 1368601536
@steezortiz bro will you help my dream come true? can you help me get sponsored? im from mexico and its hard to make that happend here in mexico.. hope you help me bro
vivian__lira 1368604490
Your named tagged on it 😏 nice πŸ‘
loganpid 1368643943
Free credit
treydinho 1368729846
Yo chaz, i remember watching your gatorade school go all day commercial, and my homeboy just got his board taken up at school, he wasnt even skating it and these pigs up here that work for our highschool took the board. I know you might not reply, but i think thas f****d up bro
saulfowsk8 1368822453
Yeah, zooyork everywhere !
isaac_litchfield 1369515337
@steezortiz in you vid did u spray that if u did it looks mint mate
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