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Paul Rodriguez

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Had fun skating the course today until the rain came #SLSatXG

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Paul Rodriguez
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wimpstain 1368581617
Goin to have a look at the olympic stadium tomorrow @prod84
texascreatures 1368582348
Leaf blowers.
tif_anie 1368583401
@skatelivingg the board i use when i skate in the rain and a genaric (dont know how to spell that grate) but if it gets ruined then it wont matter to me lol like im gonna get a new one soon, and i had the genaric one for about 2 years and it's still intacts after all the rain lol 😂
maxiskk 1368590580
Street league and x games ?
andrew.lee_ 1368591400
They should make it indoor
jack_palmer_ 1368594448
Had fun until the rain came... Or I came #Itsallfunandgamestillicomr
sergiguapoguapete 1368647752
Oh goood, awesome skatepark, go paul! See u on saturday! STREET LEAGUE!
vin_phamiel 1368765165
That Sucks!!
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