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"It's not how many times you fall down, rather how times you get up... Endure and Conquer!"- Felix 2013 #SkateFamous #SkateAMMO

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I did the splits, wilsoned, etc... towards the end of my demo last week in Mexico City. 1 foot stayed on the board rolling away and my other foot slid out on the dusty park instead of helping me catch my balance. On the way down it seemed like I was falling slow mo as I was hearing the crunching ripping noises every skateboarder dreads coming from my knee. The inside of my knee finally slammed on the ground as I sat on my foot and I actually felt some relief in all the pain of the impact because THE TEARING CRUNCHING NOISE WAS STOPPED BY THE GROUND! As I straightened my leg wondering if it still worked I was grateful to be able to get up and limp away under my own strength. I spent a week icing my knee and stretching and today was the first day I skated very timidly... BUT I SKATED! Between my physical therapists advice, my will power, and my healthy living I believe I am good to roll again and this wasn't the big one. You never know when a slam is coming, the trick is to be ready for when it comes. Healthy vegetarian / vegan eating habits, Bikram Yoga, and basic calisthenics have definitely been a major part of me being able to extend the amount of years I can have fun skateboarding... Anyway, long story short I am blessed to skate another day and you can be too if you take care of yourself...
jose_shecks 1368419617
@onefelix the 6 am crew wish you to get better !!
justincities 1368419730
Dre needs to read this @khnemu @onefelix Good shit Felix I'm glad your Ok. You are big part to the skateboarding world.
_david_paz 1368420149
Hi.man!! I can send you a sposor me? Thanks dude!!! mexico love you
sm0lik 1368422970
I'm so glad your knee is finaly heal, take it slow and take care, so when you're back in Mexico we can skate.
yorkatron 1368424452
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