Photo from tyler_hunger

Don't understand life... Find this PERFECT 10 rail with a PERFECT run up and a PERFECT landing... Aaaannnddd of course I leave my board at the hotel #fml


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_sneakeasy 1368315876
Skate this. Get some footy when you come back with your board.
tyler_hunger 1368316010
I'm not going to come back for a while. Not till this summer when I go back to naples
scubafla89 1368318207
Amateur. Never leave your board. Bummer though, looks sick.
mikesb19 1368320341
@scubafla89 lol
239tyler 1368321295
Some crazy shit has gone Down on that rail
tyler_hunger 1368323478
Damn. It's pretty big
n1ck.latsk0 1368329766
Sucks to suck
bssmiththe11 1368371392
Where is that @tyler_hunger
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